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98% Participants evaluated that the skin looks more refreshed. *A study was conducted on a group of 97 women on in a series of trials.

Cream with an intelligent pigment system.

Wake-up shot! 30 ml

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Our values.

Natural skin care.

We make sure that harmful or irritating substances are not included in our cosmetics - we only use what is safe and tested.


When selecting natural active ingredients, we make every effort to ensure that they come from organic and sustainable crops. Let's take care of ourselves - and the planet!

Out of love for innovation.

We attach great importance to constantly searching for innovations - also among natural active ingredients, which we obtain thanks to scientific discoveries.

Go green

We base our products on biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients, but also on packaging that is suitable for recycling or reuse!


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Innovations from Nature

Innovations from Nature

“Creating effective recipes, original packaging, wonderful fragrances - all this gives a lot of joy. It depends only on the ingenuity of the authors of cosmetics how active and functional the product that comes out of their hands will be. Creating the best cosmetics is my mission.”

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About our ingredients

About our ingredients

Wake-up shot! is a real injection of energy biorevitalizing the skin at any age: tired, dull, with a tendency to discoloration and dilation of blood vessels.

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Natural Organic Cosmetics at Alkmie Shop

We discovered that the wealth of plant ingredients and dermatological safety is a unique combination. This knowledge allows us to create highly effective natural cosmetics. Alkmie is innovative products straight from nature! In developing their formulas, we use the latest biotechnological methods and groundbreaking extraction techniques.

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Our organic cosmetics are created thanks to the knowledge of professors of botany, biology, physics and chemistry, although we also draw inspiration from the herbal traditions of the Karkonosze Mountains. Meet Alkmie organic cosmetics! What will you love about our natural cosmetics?

Of course, for their impact on the skin. They will take care of it to make it beautiful and healthy. Our natural cosmetics are multi-purpose products that meet the needs of every skin type. These are formulas that help to solve different skin problems.

As a producer of natural cosmetics, we have taken care of every aspect of their use! Daily skin care is a ritual, so we create vegan cosmetics that provide the joy of application and unique fragrances. But if you prefer fragrance-free formulas, we assure you that we have those among the Alkmie offerings as well. The special user experience of our cosmetics is also influenced by their artistic packaging. Beautiful illustrations depict the plants that have a key role in the given formula. They have been developed with the greatest care and always delight the eye during use. You will look with pleasure at Alkmie products standing on the shelf.


Our admiration for the wealth of natural ingredients remains unchanged. This is where the strength of effectiveness of our organic cosmetics lies. We search for raw materials that can do a lot of good for the skin even in remote parts of the world! In this way, we discover plants with noteworthy properties used by traditional peoples and tribes. We obtain ingredients from sustainable, organic sources. We only choose extracts from genetically unmodified plants. Importantly, each of them is completely safe for the skin, as confirmed by numerous studies. Additionally, their high effectiveness is supported by fully natural biomimetic peptides and skin permeation promoters. They make it easier for valuable ingredients to reach deep into the skin layers.

Using vegan cosmetics with natural ingredients will quickly repay you with excellent skin condition.


Each Alkmie formula is the result of numerous trials and testing in various versions. All in order to choose the one that meets our, and of course your, requirements. We do not accept compromises! We use the highest allowable concentrations of each raw material, which allows us to achieve the fullness of the desired results.


Alkmie is a natural, Polish brand. We are a brand from the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains - Jelenia Góra. It is in Poland that our formulas are created and all research is conducted. We succeed because we have a wonderful team open to innovation. As a producer of natural cosmetics, we support not only the local economy but also the environment. All Polish natural cosmetics from the Alkmie shop are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally, as mentioned, we compose vegetarian and vegan cosmetics. We do not test on animals! Discover the wealth of nature in our organic cosmetics. A new dimension of care is now within reach!