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Kici Koci

What makes our products unique?

From day one of life.

Vegan and vegetarian products.

Dermatologically and allergenically tested.

Natural and innovative active ingredients.


Animal friendly

From the day of birth

From the day of birth

Since the day of our children's birth, we have consciously chosen skincare products for them, noticing that many cosmetics available on the market are based on ingredients that babies should not come into contact with at all.

Momme cosmetics are the answer to the search for what's best for children. This unique line of products has been developed according to the art of creating natural cosmetics, because the power lies in nature!

Because every skin is unique!

MomMe is not only about everyday skincare from day one, but also a rescue for those children whose skin requires special care and treatment for various reasons.

We support the skin of older children and respond to the changing skincare needs as time goes by. MomMe cosmetics have no upper age limit!

We accompany moms from the first trimester of pregnancy, taking care of their skin right from the beginning of this extraordinary challenge that is motherhood.

We say NO to artificial ingredients!

We say NO to artificial ingredients!

  • Unique formulas - years of production experience in the cosmetics industry have allowed us to carefully select the best and safest active ingredients.
  • Natural ingredients - we have chosen only those raw materials that have documented natural origin, natural and organic certifications, and their effectiveness confirmed by research.
  • Special tasks - MomMe cosmetics are a breakthrough in the care of the youngest - they support the natural functions of even the most delicate, sensitive, and problematic skin in a targeted way.