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Alkmie was born from the collision of two worlds: admiration for the power of nature and the need for constant development and passion for discovering biotechnological innovations. This combination gave birth to an extraordinary brand that has already stolen many hearts and even impressed the most demanding customers.

Alkmie is a new generation of active cosmetics. When creating novelties, we are guided by values that have accompanied our brand from the very beginning: modern formulations, the highest quality, and unique ingredients in high concentrations. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Alkmie!

No harmful substances

We avoid ingredients that can in any way harm the skin, so you won't find any SLS, PEGs, parabens or petroleum derivatives in our cosmetics.

Sustainable farming

The plantations promote biodiversity and do not use artificial plant protection products - as a result, not only do the plants and cosmetics derived from them contain no trace amounts of these substances, but our extracts come from non-genetically modified plants.

Love animals

All of our cosmetics are listed with PETA and are not tested on animals.

Go green

Min. 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin, the packaging can be recycled or reused in the spirit of zero waste.

Design -

Magical graphic designs are an integral part of the brand and its distinguishing feature. The unique plant illustrations found on the packaging are the raw materials used in the production of each cosmetic!

Uniqueness -

Before we create the final recipe for each cosmetic, we prepare hundreds of versions and countless trials, because we never release a product that we are not completely thrilled with.

Fragrances -

The sense of smell is very important to us, and each series can boast a unique and incomparable scent.

Skin needs -

Our products are divided into series, each dedicated to a different skin need, because they are the key to effective skincare, not age divisions.

We are constantly searching for new ingredients to improve and create unique recipes for each product.

This is the expertise of Alkmie's experts, who know how to fully extract their potential. We have evidence of this, because the highest quality and scientifically proven effectiveness of our cosmetics have been repeatedly awarded and recognized by experts in the cosmetics industry!

Creating effective formulations, unique packaging, and wonderful scents - all of this brings a lot of joy. The level of activity and functionality of the product that comes out of their hands depends solely on the creativity of the cosmetics authors. Creating the best cosmetics possible is my mission.

Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar, co-founder and implementation specialist at Alkmie

For 20 years, she has been associated with the cosmetics and spa industry. A long-time lecturer, creator of training programs, and author of custom massages and treatment rituals. A practitioner who likes to learn from the best. The author of many publications in the professional and lifestyle press. She has created hundreds of cosmetic formulas available on the market and still creates new ones with great passion.