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Soy candle - FLOWER SPELL 180 ml
  • Soy candle - FLOWER SPELL 180 ml
  • Soy candle - FLOWER SPELL 180 ml

Soy candle - FLOWER SPELL 180 ml

Soy candle with the scent of rose, orchid, patchouli and boswellia.

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Why does it work?

The candles are made from the beginning to the very end by hand, including sticking the label on the glass jar.
The ecological soy wax that we have chosen can be used indoors - it doesn’t release harmful substances into the air, unlike popular paraffin candles.
It also has a lower melting point than paraffin wax - that’s why our candles light 3 times longer.
Carefully selected fragrances are vegan and not tested on animals, for sure. We also provided for the international IFRA safety certificate.
We want your favorite fragrance to be multidimensional and accompany your everyday life in the most natural way possible. The scent of the head is sensible when you unscrew the candle cap and in the very first minutes of lighting it. After 30-40 minutes you will feel the clear heart note, and when the wax is fully warmed up, you will feel the aromatic notes of the base.
The selected natural cotton wick is of the highest quality, because we know that it’s just as important as the quality soy wax. It’s not bleached so there is no smoke, which means that the wick ensures the cleanest lighting of the candle each time it is lit. It’s also not primed with synthetic substances, it doesn’t contain a paper or lead core.
The soy wax used in the production of each candle is natural, 100% biodegradable and safe for children, pregnant women and animals.
We use only one type of wax - soy, we don’t add any other waxes or oils to enhance the lighting and tone up the smell.

Secret recipe


Get to know FLOWER SPELL! The FLOWER SPELL candle is natural and vegan.100% made of soy wax. Let the wonderful scent of black rose, orchid, patchouli and boswellia overbrim your living space, let your senses immerse yourself in this experience and start an inner journey.

Beauty rituals

1.Your new candle should only be lit when it’s at room temperature - remember this when you bring it home for the first time.

The first lighting of a candle is essential for its continued maintenance. It should last at least 2-3 hours. It is very important that the wax evenly melts at the edges of the glass vessel. Thanks to this, there will be no tunnel and the candle will last longer, providing a beautiful fragrance all the time.

Choose a suitable place where the candle will be lit. The surface should be flat, stable and not subject to drafts. While a candle is lit, it cannot be moved.

4. During the further use of the candle, it should be burned at least as much as to cover the entire surface of the candle with the wax each time, but not longer than 4 hours. The total lighting time of the candle is 40 hours.

5. Before lighting a candle, make sure that the wick is not too long. Thanks to its shortening to a maximum of 0.5 cm, we ensure a beautiful and calm flame. The wick can only be shortened when the wax is cold.

6. To keep the wax around the wick clean, instead of blowing it off, we suggest putting out the flame with a candle snuffer. Let it rest before lighting it again.

7. Store the candle tightly closed, away from direct sunlight, which could discolor and deform the wax.

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