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Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK
  • Show mask go on - COOLING MASK

Show mask go on - COOLING MASK

White opal cooling mask

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Why does it work?

Its natural cool reduces puffiness, shadows and bags under the eyes.
Regularly used, it has anti-wrinkle and soothing properties.
The cooling effect when using the mask helps reduce the visibility of pores.
It goegeously relaxes, calms and helps unwind, improving the mood!
Opal is a stone highly recommended for those with delicate and sensitive skin.
White opal, which the mask is made of, is a 100% natural stone, carefully selected, without synthetic additives or colourings.

Secret recipe

Show mask go on
Meet Show mask go on: a face mask made of natural white opal. Using it is so much more than just a relaxing ritual - it's also a great way to improve microcirculation, decrease puffiness and take a moment to meditate and relax. Using it will soon become your daily moment of pleasure!

Beauty rituals

1. Place the mask on the face and relax. You can use it sitting or lying down, as you prefer. You can apply your favourite serum, oil or cream beforehand.

2. To increase the cooling effect of the mask, you can place it in the fridge for a couple of minutes before use. The natural stone will slowly warm up, and the initial coolness will enhance the relaxation.

3. Alternatively, you can warm the mask up in your hands or by placing it close to the heater. To not warm it up too much and always check to see if the temperature is proper and safe.


The mask is constructed from numerous tiny plates of white opal, which helps it conform to the shape of your face. Its small, yet distinct weight and the stone's natural cool help you relax after a hard day, while at the same time they decrease puffiness and soothe tired skin. An aesthetic construction and one-of-a-kind patterns of the natural stone make this product a great gift, both for someone close and for yourself! Additionally, it's packaged in a decorative box with a fitted insert, which allows for practical and safe storage.


The mask is decigned for everyday use.

The optimal time for relaxation is 10-15 minutes. Use after cleansing the face and applying an oil or a serum.

Use it straight from the box, after chilling it in the fridge or after warming up the stone.

Cleaning / care

Wipe the mask down with a clean cloth and dry it. Don't wash it in hot water and don't submerge it. Do not use harsh detergents to clean it.

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