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  • TOOTHPASTE 4-7 mint Kicia Kocia 50 ml
  • TOOTHPASTE 4-7 mint Kicia Kocia 50 ml

TOOTHPASTE 4-7 mint Kicia Kocia 50 ml

  • • with fluoride

• delicate mint flavor

• cleanses, protects and soothes

25,00 zł
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wspiera rodziców
Pasta do zębów MomMe Kicia Kocia
Gentle toothpaste for children aged 4-7, enriched with fluoride (1000 ppm), supporting mineralization of enamel. It contains very fine-grained silica, which cleanses the teeth without causing irritations and damage to the enamel. Thyme extract improves the toothpaste’s activity and soothes unpleasant sensations connected to new teeth appearing. Sage in combination with panthenol strengthens and soothes gums, while strengthening enamel. Refreshing, mildly minty flavor makes each brushing into an amazing adventure!
What makes our toothpastes special?
• Gentle and delicate cleansing
• Doskonałe do mleczaków i stałych zębów
• Pantenol i szałwia wzmacniają szkliwo i dziąsła
• Zawierają łagodzący ekstrakt z tymianku
• Pleasant mint flavor
• Don’t contain artificial colorings, SLS or parabens
Pasty do zębów MomMe Kicia Kocia
gently cleanses gums and teeth from pollutants without causing irritation and damaging the delicate enamel of young teeth.

the combination of vitamin B5 and sage extract, which shows gum strengthening properties, protecting them against mechanical damage. It also soothes, and it strengthens enamel.

natural extract from flowers and leaves of thyme. It shows soothing properties towards irritations that can appear in the mouth

strengthens enamel and prevents tooth decay, lowering the risk of cavities
Important answers to important questions
Can the toothpaste be used before the first tooth emerges??
Yes, but there’s no need - before the first tooth appears, a damp cloth or a rubber brush are enough to clean the child’s mouth.

How big a portion of the toothpaste is appropriate??
For younger children, we recommend using just a tiny bit of paste - about the size of a rice grain. The amount can be gradually increased until it reaches the size of a pea.

What will happen when the child swallows the toothpaste while brushing?
If the child doesn’t have intolerances or allergies to any of the ingredients, there should be no unwanted reactions after swallowing a bit of toothpaste.

Is the mint flavor as intense as it is in toothpastes for adults?
The mint flavor is sweet and mild, making it perfectly tolerated by children.

What’s the fluoride content in the toothpastes??
The toothpaste for children aged 0-3 contains 500 ppm, while the one for children aged 4-7 contains 1000 ppm of fluoride. These amounts are deemed safe for everyday use, taking into account the risk of swallowing the toothpaste.

Which one is better - with or without fluoride??
This issue is very complex, and there’s no simple answer. Whether the extra fluoride is necessary relies on multiple factors, such as tooth decay proneness, the diet and dietary preferences of the child, and whether the child takes extra fluoride supplements. Our toothpastes are created using safe doses of fluoride, matched to the child’s age. If you have any concerns regarding the possibility of dental fluorosis, you can use the toothpastes with and without fluoride interchangeably. We also recommend a consultation with a dentist, who will define which one is better for your needs.

What is the difference in consistencies?
The toothpastes for children 0-3 have the consistency of a gel, which makes them easier to spread in the mouth and prevent the collection of the toothpaste on the inside of the cheeks. The toothpastes for children 4-7 are creamy, which makes it easier to prepare for entering the world of “adult” brushing.

Do the MomMe Kicia Kocia toothpastes have colorings? Where do the flavors come from?
MomMe Kicia Kocia toothpastes have no artificial colorings in them - the pastes for children 4-7 have a white mineral colorant in them, the aim of which is to make them seem closer to the “adult” toothpastes. To achieve their flavor, we used food aromas, meaning ones that are safe in case of swallowing the toothpaste.
How to use
Brush the teeth twice a day with a portion of the paste the size of a pea. Do not swallow, rinse after brushing. Use under adult supervision.
Glycerin*, Hydrated Silica*, Aqua*, Decyl Glucoside*, Xanthan Gum*, Salvia Officinalis Extract*, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract*, Thymus Vulgaris Flower/Leaf Extract*, Panthenol, Titanium Dioxide*, Tromethamine, Sodium fluoride, Aroma, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate
*ingredient derived from natural essential oils
MomMe Kicia Kocia

Przyszedł czas na współpracę, jakiej jeszcze nie było - dwie polskie marki łączą siły, aby pomóc rodzicom i maluchom odkryć prawdziwą frajdę z pielęgnacji. Dajcie się oczarować uwielbianej przez najmłodszych, rezolutnej i wesołej Kici Koci, wraz z nią odkryjcie świat codziennych radości z kosmetykami MomMe Kicia Kocia.
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